Words have power, the ability to inspire or enlighten, to move us to tears or grace our faces with wide smiles. Words can give new meaning to our feelings, and give light to the passions or dreams we’ve hidden away on the bumpy road of Life.

The power of words really hit home with us.

When national recording artist, Graham Wilkinson, and Justin Finck, his manager, were traveling to a music festival in Nashville, a line from one of Graham’s songs, “Let It Go”, really connected with the two best friends. The line, “Laugh Until Life Makes Sense,” sparked a series of ideas about the journey of Life, and the actions that could help give it meaning.

With some 80 variations of the theme in hand by the time they landed, the pair knew they were onto something. And it was more than the expansion of a lyric. This was about a way of Life, about looking for meaning and a path of discovery. Heck, it was a philosophy about finding yourself, about making sense of your Life, on your terms.

And let’s face it, sometimes Life just isn’t easy. We saw a place where we could guide folks, help those overwhelmed by Life, by its heartache and beauty and unceasing demands, to realize that the key is in the moment—that moment each day you set aside to make sense of it all.

Next came a series of stickers to spread the word, and the first shirts were printed and put up for sale at Whole Earth Provisions in Austin, Texas. And they were an instant success! We found that the message resonated with people, that there was a community of folks who identified with the idea that Life was meant to be celebrated, for its moments to be enjoyed and savored and honored for the meaning they inspire.

Now we’re looking to broaden the reach of our message, expand our offerings to a wider audience, and enable them to express their views on this celebration of Life. So whether you’re looking to Laugh, Run, Fish, Breathe, or Dance to make sense of it all, we want to be there with you, and give voice to your thoughts.

So that’s our company, Until Life Makes Sense: one born of a song, based on friendship, and looking to help people with inspiring directions to a place where it all comes together—and makes sense.

Words really do have power. Come join the conversation!